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Town where there is a theater and Temple of Apollo of Risha, it is Greece and deep town of relationship among the Sicily, such as. In particular, Oruteija Island was the Old Town is advanced repair development, the existence value is registered in the re-evaluation by the world heritage. It began the history of the Greek colonial city and made the city-state from the 8th century BC around. Then, Rome, Islam, etc., but dominated system of politics was transition, it was greatly changed the city is a major earthquake in the 17th century. Appearance since the Baroque has been adopted upon the city of reconstruction became like a baroque city. Piazza Duomo is a famous spot of the old city area, Benevu~entano Bosco palace, Senatorio Palace (now Siracusa City Hall), Santa Ruchi~a-~Arra-Padei Both the A church is surrounded by buildings that have been rebuilt in the same baroque and the Duomo, and is said to be the most beautiful square in Sicily. Although the Duomo that it can be said that the landmark of the city (church) has been built on it by taking advantage of the pillars of the Athens temple of the Greek era, also the entire town, ruins and 17th century based on the Greek mythology, such as a fountain of Temple of Apollo and Aretusa buildings of Baroque architecture is overlaid. However, bright matte off-white to discharge the appearance of this old town decorative coloring It is an overall impression to the stronger ones are united to the stone color. Old town Ortigia of Siracusa, but there is a hot and humid area humidity under the Ionian Sea in southern Italy of sunshine hung over, this material color is a visual as well this humid heat. We have taught us.

The Ionian sea of emerald green to the east, south was home to Europe's largest active volcano, which has been active even now. It is a luxury resort in Italy stamp that spread in the middle of the Tauro Mountain. That it became the scene of the movie "Gran Blu" it is also well known. Giardini Naxos, which became the first Greek planted people city in Sicily in the 8th century BC is destruction, in the city that was built by people flowed from there, its origins date back to the 4th century BC. Was built in the third century BC by hollowed out hill Greek theater is a local landmark that was acclaimed in his book "Italian Journey Goethe also visited here. Taormina, and Ri originally through can be seen from the fact that it was opened as an upstream floor-class winter resort of Europe, what with the requirements of the resort are of course with the city, its sophisticated hospitality is a feature. Wicket Messina Gate, also explore the Umberto I boulevard main street, open terrace of table cloth, such as stairs of the street, to nestled and its colors to be transformed into a bustle and swelling of space the whole street of public space It is caused to admire. Sicily's great at the whole island is Greek influence, but Taormina is also the town still has many Roman ruins among them. Greece era - Living space of the Roman era, the Middle Ages and many heard multicolor phase of suppression which is surrounded by buildings with a historical look, it is nestled in the natural colors of the sea and the land that forms the background, is the resort of Sicily It has admirably spoke that.


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