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Badovu~a is much older than Venice next to the city, prospered as a strategic point of logistics of Bada na plain also linked with Bobiria highway and Emilia highway from Roman times. Its prosperity foster art, Furesu co painting masterpiece of Giotto "of Mary and Christ raw Famous sacred place among Italy with "and" Scrovegni Chapel and Mantegna frescoes decorated with the Last Judgement, "" St. Martyrdom of Cristoforo "of remaining Eremitani church, the main altar decorated with a bronze statue of Donatello it is also a town of San Antonio Cathedral. But the most known for is the old Badovu~a University's second Italian town. Galileo is famous also be had taught long, Yu Xiu graduates of this university is said to have supported the development of the Republic of Venice as the Venice of the leaders. Padua is a so to speak next to the city of Venice that can be visited as long as 30 minutes from Venice, appearance is the opposite of calm town enough to nice to say at all. One of the factors, it would be achromatic color of white and gray are widely used in the building of the city. Since many of the Italy of the building is made of stone, resulting in but gray city not uncommon, achromatic color of Padua gives us a different impact with them. For example, the inside of the pillars of the city hall next to the Palazzo della Ragione, also referred to as the oldest commercial center in Europe (Thurow ne) is has been finished with just white dazzling, is the most high-ranking church in the city Douomo (Cathedral) and walls is simple and clean summarized in shades of gray rather than Aya Kon. At the same as will be concert, a lot of that high-saturation color with an emphasis on visibility is adopted city bus Color is the most popular orange two-color color plus white orange rather than a single color is adopted in Italy. Indispensable as an accent of the bus the same city, in particular also be important Eddie Kola on the city landscape in Italy (newsagent), a bright gray color rather than the classic moss green. Although the political came under the control of Venice, the pride of the outstanding leaders of the Venice as the city of the city and intellectual of many raised university, whether it will all in one's mind feel from speculative appearance of this achromatic . Visit the Padua at the same time at the time of Venice visit, dynamic and static, light and dark, such as the brilliant and Shizuokurina (serenity), I would like you to realize that by comparing the effect of environmental color that form the image of the city.


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