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Garibaldi Red
It is a color name associated with the hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. He contributed to the Italian war of independence. 1860, for the purpose of unification of Italy, was competing in the Italian war led a militia called red shirt Corps. It helped the Sicilian rebels. It contributed to the destruction of the Sicilian king. The soldiers at this time is the color name derived from the red shirt that had come in uniform.

Firenze Earth
It is a color name according to Merz and Paul color name encyclopedia. First appearance is the 17th century. There is Firenze Brown of the color name similar to this. For this, first appearance is the 18th century. Neither is a color, such as chestnuts. Originally, Florence was a land that produce high-quality red soil. The color I got to environment color to form the entire Florence.

Bolognese Red
Bologna is the capital of Northern Italy of Emilia-Romagna, a province capital of the Province of Bologna. Italy is a leading industrial city. We're proud of the height of the quality of life. In addition, it is also famous as the terracotta of origin. Since the historical district of the mountain is red, there is also a nickname of the red city. San Petronio church is this made of terracotta. It is a red color.

Brick Red
Mattone, the burn-rich red vagina or clay the iron in the kiln. It is a building material that was compressed into square-shaped. Color name indicates the average brown. In 1656, in Latin, there is a color name of Latericius. In 1667, the English color names Brick Red was born. The city of Siena is a city of bricks.

Naples Yellow
It is a synthetic pigment called Giallo Napoli from ancient times. It is a yellow pigment baked compound mainly composed of antimony lead. BC 2500 BC, was discovered at the same time by Egypt and Mesopotamia of glass craftsman. Directly, there is no relationship with Naples. However, because it was believed to have been made from a high of Naples near Vesbio volcano, it became this name. Even after the middle Ages it was a popular paint.

Sand Beige
Sabbia is closer to the color name is better that desert beige rather than sand. Because desert is not in Italy, it is a desert of the African continent that immediately to the south across the Mediterranean. During the Second World War, in the North African Campaign, Italian army there is a story of the had eaten boiled pasta in the desert. It is an episode that likened the Italian popular quality. Desert was a familiar presence for them.


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