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France autumn color scheme
Speaking of "autumn day of Uraganashi is bleeding to only sigh of Viron" France in the fall, wear a passage of Satoshi Ueda, who translated the poetry of Verlaine. While it is equivalent to the previous verse, of France, Paris in the fall of atmosphere rather than it has not changed much. As in the classic "dead leaf" of chanson that Yves Montand sang, autumn is the season dancing with dead leaves. Leaves of brown have been spread from sycamore and poplar, and ginkgo golden color to the street. It is illuminated in sunshine yellow begin to sink in time, dead leaves is more, it goes yellowish. Unlike the red-burning Japan of autumn leaves, dead leaves in France, is a dead leaves of golden or brown. So, autumn color scheme gold, brown, beige and dark yellow has become a basic color. And autumn is the time of harvest of wine. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, etc., from dark red purple, leading to pale yellow, is burgundy with features such that each of the color name is overflowing. When also a season of harvest, under the blue sky, colorful harvest festival is waged in these provinces, it will be colored by the villagers of clothing color dressed in traditional folk costumes. Painter Millet of Barumizon faction the idyllic atmosphere of the smell of soil similar to the "Angelus" and "Tsumiwara" can be seen even now. The 1970s, Saint-Laurent in and Cardin was shining Paris Fashion Week, exactly is a folklore color scent of this soil is, it was also a natural color.

France winter color scheme
Sky gray sky, heavy Tarekome gray clouds. And as if to reflect the color, cast a shadow of building mp gray chalk, it is in the Seine river stagnant heavy. Sunny day is small, the morning still dim even 7:00, go tilted 15 sometimes day. People wearing a thick overcoat and jackets, a quick pace to get to the return journey with a shrug. Winter color is black or dark gray. Such France of those trappings of winter is Christmas in December, is the Easter of February-March. The Christmas, people and green leaves of red and holly to symbolize the blood of Christ, with Christmas color white is the color of God, celebrate the birth of Christ. In addition to the Easter, red, and make blue, green, colorful Easter eggs, such as yellow, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. These are in the dark winter of color, it would be color that gives the courage to live and peace to the people. There is the word "delicious raw oysters and grilled chestnuts in the winter in Paris." Eat a raw oyster in one hand the wine of colorful red purple beside the fireplace, it would be the best part of French cuisine. The more there is a color named Oyster Grey Toka Oyster white, oysters are familiar with French life. In addition to the one hand the hot chocolate, also eat grilled chestnuts of hard Marron color, it is one of the winter tradition. Chocolate is also one of the favorite luxury goods of French, but it is a color that cannot be forgotten as winter color.


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