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Color spring color scheme of the French season
Regained brightness long dark winter of cloudy sky, when the spring of signs visit, young leaves of light green of the sycamore and horse chestnut of street trees bud, the florist of the city, Mimosa is a spring of symbolism, narcissus, carnation, Cornflowers, tulip , such as roses and camellias, colorful flowers are lined up. As seen in When breeze and Naru luxury for the Duke of Berry," which drew a Lumpur brother, the festival of May, long custom of winter end, brilliant green to play is continuing even now. Spring colors for the French is a light green of young leaves shine in trees, is a yellow and rose color. Still it was against the background of the sky and the gray buildings of gray, spring color appearance of. French says the most "chic" color scheme, gray and pink, gray and yellow, the color scheme, such as gray and peppermint, so be seen here and there in the city. Just like a woman painter Marie Laurencin paintings of the early 20th century, sight of pink and yellow are placed against the background of the gray is, it would be said that unfolds everywhere. Spring is also, haute couture, fashion of ready-to-wear, is when festive kick off. "Beige queen" and said the Chanel, and said the designer from Paris of the fashion color of "color magician" such as Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, which was referred to as the key color Rose, medium always gray, the beige Kokoroshite, and it has been colored rose, yellow, to peppermint. Spring color is one that is crafted by focusing on these images.

France in the summer of color scheme
Speaking of summer color, remember the color Marine Blue azure Azur blue and sea of the Cote d'Azur in the south of France. Glorious sunshine under the color of the sea change the ever-tint beautiful enough to breathtaking. As if it complement its azure blue, coastline barely in lined with white building, you are creating a stunning contrast of blue and white with white sand. The blue and white color scheme, Gabrielle Chanel is the blue and white of creation, to become a Marine look, has continued as a saturation of the summer until today. The painters of northern-born such as fin St. Gogh and Marc Chagall painter, exactly Provence and the sun, which has received the "color revelation", azure sky, and olive trees of green decorate the field, and various remember the yellow flowers of colors such. Summer of Provence, under the sun and sparkling Sansan, so as not to lose its light, rape, saffron, kerria, sunflower, mustard, and purple of lavender in full bloom. Continuous cropping complementary color scheme of blue and yellow, such as seen in the "Sunflower" of Van Gogh, is also the basis of the French color scheme. The red bell pepper lined up in the vegetable department of southern France city, tomatoes, Cerise, color of red fruits such Furanbowazu has become the coolness of the dose that decorate the streets of France. Green with a lettuce lined up in the table, red has become a thing appetizing Become a strong contrast.


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