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Cinque Terre
The coastal zone of the Ligurian Sea, located in the northern part in the Mediterranean is referred to as the Riviera coast. Genoa to La Spezia are many beautiful city dotted through, it has become a popular Italian marine resort spot that forms the Amalfi coast and a pair of southern Italy. Cinque Terre, in Italian and means "five of the land", it is in this Riviera located on the eastern edge of the coastal town Riomaggiore, Manarola, Korunirya, Vernazza, general term of five villages of Monterosso al Mare . In medieval city, which is formed so as to stick to Semakage a rias that cannot cars enter, and it is registered in the World Heritage ing. These city is composed of multi-color phase that has been painted in the stucco of pastel color to the building, which was built in the steep slopes of the steep cliff (plaster). Germanic tribes, such as it is plagued by invasions of different ethnic groups, behind the narrow and shadow land that is less likely to be invaded from the land, the frontier of the land facing the sea to make it easier to escape from their weak and that manipulate the ship at the time of the Munger The results were determined, it is said that the town is built in such a place. However, well explained also I suspect Avoid contact with the reason and these noticeable too exterior color (color scheme). However, looking at the colorful color of the laundry that was Hosah to the window in the street of Monterosso, just because secluded outpost, also seems to be whether the color saturation to produce a bustle in the living space is not than were required. Unlike the old day transportation means was the only ship, now is also laid railway. It is possible to be close to visit by car, this bright and airy color scheme, marine resort It has become a source of gain popularity among Te.

Margherita Ligure
Italy is the largest port city Riviera coast of the resort to be located at a distance from Genoa, which is also the Liguria capital about 30 minutes by train. It is also the gateway city to the famous Portofino as a luxury resort. In the center of the town there is a church (Santa Margherita church le, because a good hill of sea of view there is a castle, has a Itariarashii landscape resources. Facing the little containing church from coast Caprera Square in the morning is opened Mercato (market) is, noon and later restaurant open terrace-lined, it has become a people's life base. outer wall of the building surrounding the square, it has been painted with the color scheme of light tone, a kind In the trompe l'oeil technique, though such is the splendidly designed are either finished with that as with. Stored in the church building polished design hand technique Resort extraordinary landscape production is appropriate to place a stone pillar Taking advantage to have. In this town, you enter the walking path leading to the hill away from the center, beautifully designed various cobbled in stone is greeted me, it makes me feel the time-history only that built the city. Color a heavy method of design hand history is, many of Italy unique to have a long culture and history


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