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Burano, such as with the Murano and the Lido is one of the island surrounding the Venice main island as the breakwater, is made of four small island that is connected by a small canal in Venice northeast 9 km. Murano island Venetian glass of the island, while the Lido island is a resort of the island such as the film festival will be held, Burano from that it has prospered as a town of fisherman (fishing), became a tourist destination Now it is famous for lace with excellent was taking advantage of the technology of fishing nets (Meruretto). Burano is a polychrome painted the city in (multi-Hue) (Island). When you land on the island, followed by a colorful color scheme of streets just like a theme park, and both the historic fishermen town Venice and the rise and fall is an appearance that does not think. Many of the books, to Rutoki to return from fishermen fishing on the island, his own house as easy to find the should return even in bad weather, such as local-specific fog, he is the result of adopting the color of high saturation in the building has he written with, it can be said that the color of the city has created a unique regional characteristics in that sense. However, residents of the exterior color to the current eye, even not to say over and directing, for reasons of tourism, and repainted upon, a tendency that has been turned into a high color saturation than the color of the past be denied that there is a heard of even talk.

Verona is located in the middle of Venice and Milan, in the central city of the formed Veneto so as to be surrounded to originate Adige River in the Alps, has nurtured its history and culture while being embraced in rich nature. Town which became the scene of Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", some of the city that is held every summer outdoor opera in the large-scale ruins of the Roman era, altarpiece of Renaissance painter Mantegna in northern Italy "Virgin and Saints" town , local famous Soave wine with white wine, is a charming town with a colorful face such. Town of origin, as circular competition Waza-jo Roman era of existing "Arena" (completed in about 50 years ago, AD 30 around than the Colosseum of Rome) and squares "Forum" (now Piazza delle Erbe) proves, ancient it dates back to Roman times, and has prospered since ancient times as a cornerstone of traffic between Germany-Austria. Many of the major arterial road in the center of town, the ancient Roman road (Cardo, Dekumano) are directly utilized functionally. When it comes to the later Middle Ages, Scaligeri, Mira Roh, but come under the control of, such as Venice, artists such as painter pin Sanero and architect Michele Sanmicheli was flowering your ability in this city. Verona, marble Bink that approximates the "cherry granite (SakuraMika Geishi)" in Japan has become a group toning of the city. Stone amount and the Elbe Square in the center of the city, marble of this pink is used to cobbled Mattini the main street leading to Piazza delle Erbe from the Arena. These pink, Standing when more the original brightness can be polished in many years people's shoes, the city of origin despite dating back to ancient Roman times, not feel any dark antiquity, the bright city It is directing. Similar marble has also been adopted on the outer wall of the new landmark buildings such as the station building (Porta Nuova Station) and University of Verona railway is the gateway of the city. In addition, the exterior walls and the bottom of the various building that form the streets has a marble this is used commonly to as color band, color has created a unity's rooftops. This conscious enough to colorize adopt to street fixtures such as planter box I said that excellent town planning that was taking advantage of the color to the image formation of the town. Even in the same marble, for example in a color close to the marble white Few color Minona that graced the walls of Milan Central Station, the cold is to give a cosmopolitan impression Tsu or modern, and Verona marble pink, it aroused the warmth and sense of intimacy, are beautifully express the image of the city.


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