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Bologna beautiful red city
For Italians, it is located in the upper level of the city you want to live. I'll do the longest in Italy there is the Po River. Area B is a Romagna capital. This province is famous for its cheese and wine. It flourished as a central city of the Roman Emilia Road. First university was founded in Europe in the 11th century. We have produced a man of culture, such as Dante. Culture, has become a major center of learning. Covered portico of up to 40 kilometers alone historical district is extant. It is also famous as the town of Covered portico. Basic color of this town is a red little closer to the orange called "Bologna Rosso". It does not produce marble in the local suburbs. Instead, terracotta was in abundance. The Bologna church there is a statue of terracotta. Economically, and readily available building materials to determine the color of the city.

The city of stone that is in the Perugia green earth
In Umbria and Tuscany was a Etruscans. They lived in Italy for a long time than the Romans. They are there is a building buildings in mid-fifth century BC. Meaning of the place called Tuscany "Etruscans of land" is the etymology. Perugia is also one of such town. It had played a central role in the Etruscan city alliance. Walls surrounding the old town has been completely left. There is a gate called Etruscan Gate. It was built in around the third century BC. Rather than the ruins, it is functioning in active service. The Old Town, there are many stone buildings. It has to form a gray city. The current language, arts, such as music to foreigners there is a National University for Foreigners to teach the Italian culture. The world of the students are living a lot. It has the one side as a youthful city. It goes to the outside of the walls of the gate. Architectural style is new. Exterior has also been adopted modern color. There is a visually stunning contrast. Old walls and gates, is a culturally important. However, there are many places to become inconvenient in everyday life surface. Historical district and promotion district, it has divided the administrative district and residential district. There is a transportation system that connects the railway station and the old town. It's a modern Minitoramu. However, it will run underground in the old town. Those without visual integrity, are conscious so that it is not visible at the same time.


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