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Alberobello is a town away about 60 km to the southeast from the central city of Bari in southern Italy on the east coast (Adriatic side). If likened the ~I data rear in boots, it is located around the heel. Strange building "trulli" of the roof pointed like a tree coming out to the fairy tale has been integrated 1400 hotels close to this town. It is also referred to as the "capital of trulli", and is currently registered with the world heritage. Building of only laden with this stone is to use an inexpensive material that can be taken at the local, Toka is this method that are assembled in their own even if asked to experts, in a relationship at the time of the tax is levied on the basis of the house Toka is a method that has been devised so that it can be easily dismantled in the period of assessment of tax collection, it is left talking about agriculture to the surgery the lifestyle of the thriving southern Italian peasants. Village lined the Toururri has become between the empty achromatic color of white and gray. Roof walls and conical cylindrical, with lime readily available if digging the underground, is made by raising seen product their slate using a flat crack personality. The wall becomes a white wall from that paint the further milk of lime paint the plaster on top of this, the roof is bare of tan limestone is increase the blackness in the changes over time, the world of this achromatic finished.

Pompeii is in place from Naples of 20 kilometers a little. BC will be under the rule of the Romans from the 4 century, but flourished in the production and trade of wine and olive oil, it is an ancient city that was buried by the eruption of AD '79 of Vesuvius (U~esuu~iusu) volcano ". Since the city in an instant was filled by pyroclastic flow, as a valuable ruins that can perceive the time of life, it has also been registered as a World Heritage Site. To small buildings, such as laundry and tavern it has been excavated for what it is at that time from the large-scale buildings such as the temple and amphitheater, baths. At the time of Pompeii is also the villa of Rome aristocracy as well as a trading city, but has been left many mansion and public baths, cans of the walls of the high-income earners, such as Villa of the Mysteries and House of the Vettii only mosaic rather, it was decorated with frescoes was finished in red called "Pompeii Red". According to the book "natural history" of Pliny the Elder (Roman naturalist), ancient Rome people "cinnabar (to do Sha)" as a red pigment, such as painting things and was often used (the sulfide mineral of mercury) It is. While in Japan, which is a color material that has been referred to as the "cinnabar (motorcycle)", the European Mediterranean region In it caught in various places, red also is like this cinnabar was used in the "Villa of the Mysteries" of the famous Pompeii (higher-order Hideji [world masterpiece OD journey 3j Asahishuppansha 1989). Pompeii ruins, but takes about 15 minutes-walk from the nearest train station, this Pompeii Red is colored in store of station building and street. In Italy, the guide display of the train station and not before and after the station name in the only local station name, and because the car announcement also little, we Although he difficult to use that it is not used to the Japanese, where location is the color of the station building We have to express to Tsurukatsu. Also such as coloring the Pompeii Red also as leading to the ruins, this color has been used effectively in city planning as an image color of the entire city.


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