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There are Copic markers various ink all 358 colors in Copic markers series. It can be used as a thinner No. 0 colorless blender in it. By using an empty bottle (sold separately), and can make your own color by formulated or dilute the existing color. Copic markers various ink 25c.c. input each color. The colorless blender there is also a value pack bottle 200c.c. Since the dealer is small, please consult in advance with your purchase. If Stock is difficult, please use the Internet mail order, etc.

About bringing in the Copic markers various ink in the aircraft

Because it is a flammable liquid (fourth class alcohols), carry-in laws and regulations (Aviation Law Article 86), custody is prohibited. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Aviation Technology Division service department.

About bringing the Copic markers of air cans in the aircraft

Also spray cans of high-pressure gas, carry-in as well as ink laws and regulations (Aviation Law Article 86) is prohibited.

Difference of copic 100 Black and copic 110 SpecialBlack

Copic 100 black slightly fit with the cool gray system in a dark black bluish. Copic 110 black fitted with neutral system in a neat ink black. Please use your liking because this difference is slight. In addition, the ink concentration basis are better of copic 100 increasingly dye formulations.

How to get Copic markers black more darker black

Because there is a limit of the dye concentration in a single color, and from above it is painted dark blue before get coats the black can be deep black representation. This is a method suitable for such representation of Japanese hair, it has been well utilized, such as B79.

How to use pale ink effect with Copic markers of gray

In the case of the printing premise, if attached instructions "to what extent I want to reproduce" effect in the plate-making process, I get a plate-making in response to it. Specifically, with a most thin gray coating sample that was used, it is sufficient if instructed as "Please do come out this color at the lowest network point". However, since I think that dark color of the tone is to collapse, it will be a personal decision or wish to reproduce the how. In the case of copy machine, it will become the "white" it's too thin gray. This is because the copy machine itself is white or black of 2 gradation of machinery, because I feel that all from a certain color is white. Please use there if there is a "photo mode" on your copy machine.


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