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Copic is a brand of alcohol markers Too was developed. It is used for Products, architecture, design, educational fields and fashion. It is also used for Illustration, Cartoon, Hobby Craft and painting. copic markers are a versatile excellent product. There are a variety of series for each genre. copic markers are now shipped to more than 50 countries. It is a typical alcohol marker of Japan.

Those who professional and amateur evaluate the ease of draw.

copic markers ink is a good color development in the fast-drying. We are using alcohol ink. Even recoating no more wrinkles in the paper.

copic markers series is popular because of easily using. Product variation is also abundant, it is also attractive can be selected according to the application. At present, also it has increased the number of colors and variations. copic markers has won Japan Good Design Prize award. Now it has grown into a Long Life Design product that has been a favorite in the world more than 50 countries of people. Color which is indispensable to work production is rich. It is organized so as to feature the (brightness and hue) easy to sensuously determined to have color. copic markers is the ease of attractive handed exchange and applications such as the nib and air pen refill ink. copic markers is originally specification for the professional. There is a quality that can be used in a product that has undergone a few years. To perform ink replenishment in theory, you will be able to use much more if the nib exchange.

How to use various ink

A combination of Barrios ink + booster, if that would have flooded an appropriate amount is confusing copic markers ink in the ink replenishment, please try the following methods.

- And it transferred the required amount of copic markers ink you want to replenish the empty bottle, and supplemented with booster.
It becomes effort and cost, but it is sure. In addition, as the reliable replenishment of in a way that does not use a booster, please refer to the following. · Burodonibu so as to dripping ink to the side, and to smoke only the specified number in a manner to be instilled. Because it is about 0.05cc to drop, please let fewer in smoke with the following contents to reference.
Copic recommended 4c.c .: about 80 drops
Sketch recommended 3c.c .: about 60 drops
Chao recommended 2.5c.c .: about 50 drops
Recommended ink replenishment amount of the above is the case of a state in which the copic markers ink is considerably reduced. If it is out of ink before the supplement does not need a lot so far. Please try sparingly because it is too put ink is overflowing. Please be from the always copic markers broad nib side cause breathe in. If you are from the copic markers super brush nib side, it can cause a dripping later blocked the air hole ink. After sucked the ink, please keep in a little lay the body until the ink spreads in the interior of the batting.


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